Style, Class, Your Life, & Future!!! 


Style: Is The Way You Choose And Dooooooooooooo!

Screenshot_2017-04-07-14-12-03-1 What is your style?

        ….What are the things you pick up and wear, what are the words you choose with your ways!

    What is your style?        

  •   How do you express?
  •   How do you Dress?
  •   How do you Talk?                    
  •  What do you say?     
  • What do you choose?
  • How do you create?    

What is in your mind? . . . . .


The Answer to these Questions are really important because Trying to find our true personal Style in this modern world can get really hard. We simply get lost and start looking at how others talk dress and do. We grow up looking up to TV and magazines, we decide that we have to be a certain way or pull off a certain look to be in style if not we are just not in.

We idolize everyone else’s style everyone else’s ways. We look at Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to show us whats worthy of living today. We scroll and scroll and it plays in our head again and again. Than we start changing and loosing ourselves and who we really are what we really are like and what is comfortable within us! We copy and paste our surrounding. We Forget who we are. We work so hard to appear like each other, to be the same, act the same , dress the same, and compete. Just to see who has the better this and that but in reality its just an illusions we invented for us. Why do we do it? why do we act the same to look the same just to see who looks better doing it?. If we don’t look the same, we don’t like the same stuff, or think the same. That’s something i will never understand. I Mean do you? Shouldn’t we look Completely different and each one of us bring out our own individually for people to see?

Lets get real; Have you bought something that you absolutely have no interest in just because your friend has it and she looks cool or you saw a really pretty girl with lots of likes have it online? Come on be honest… -Im guilty. Than We Felt kinda stupid even trying it. Lol. A Little ridiculous dont you think?

Or try to start doing something your family member or friend is doing just because they are. Then got stuck in a bad or Unpleasant situation. Raise Your hand i’m so guilty. Lol.

Truth is we are such followers and dedicate our-self’s to doing what works for others instead of what will work waaaay better for you. With this behavior and idolization we loose our identity. You loose your style and individuality even what we are out truly made to be! Sad isn’t it??? Giving up who we are to be a picture we saw! No Wonder Sometimes we feel frustrated even when everything is going good for us, we feel unhappy and in most cases live in regret. Im Sure We’ve all been there at some point. Right?

Im Pretty sure. See you really need to understand how important this is. Style is how you do everything the way you do and Why! Its such a riddle in our lives that’s why its so easy to get lost and loose it.

So Lets stay true to our-self’s and who we you are!

I’m inspired to help you find your style and ways as we do it together in finding ourselves. You never know this little changes and reasoning with your own self can make a lot of great changes into your life!

It’s  important for me to express and get this message across simply because the way i lived my life after high-school was a waste and your style is the way your future will become! 

If we keep lying to ourselves there will be a point in your life where realization will come and it might be too late to change anything because you lived for a picture of someone else. 

End up with a career you never liked, end up with friends who just looked the part, married into who you just thought looked good at the time, aaaaaah too much consequences to suffer all because we couldn’t open our eyes sooner. A lot of us don’t even know who we are today or what we like because all we did growing up was copy and paste and when we turn to see our true selves we get confused because of what we mold in today.

Your Style is very important is what catches the eye, is the way you do a certain way! Is the first thing people notice about you! Ask yourselves. . . .

WHO AM I??? 

Your Life style is what attracts other people and determines the kind of people you will bring into your life!

So I will like to cut this post short and encourage you to make changes many people never get to know their true self’s and that’s really sad. All the things we miss out on all because  we loose our individuality and start doing things and being somehow we are not!

*Lets start being Happy! 🙂

Here are some simple steps that id like to share that helped me Begin My Reasoning!

STEP 1. Question yourself….  Be a blank canvas and start fresh with yourself! Forget all you knew and all the styles you picked up over time. Let’s start with finding your style!

  1. Do i like how I dress? Is This What i want People to see?
  2. Do I really like talking like this? Is this person the person i will like people to hear?
  3. Do I really like acting this way? Is this Who i want people to talk about?
  4. Is This really what i want and love to do? Is this what you want to be know as?
  5. Are they who you should be hanging out with? Do they lead you to the person you’ve always thought about accomplishing?

Question yourself … Am I really being myself or  am I being Someone I picked up over time? 

STEP 2. Make A few LIST of Your *Style. *Do’s & Dont’s  in Comparing! Think. . . Who you are now & who you really desired to be! 

*Answer the questions above to have a better understanding of your true do’s and dont’s!

Here is an Example!

*Goal= To Find Myself so i can accomplish who i really want to be!

*Who do you really want to be?

I want to be A Successful Writer and Independent Woman who is taken serious as an individual!

Who am i that helps me get there? What do you have towards your Goal?

  • I Love to write.
  • Have many stories to share.
  • Have a job to support myself and Goal.
  • I’m Learning how to spell.
  • I’m Taking some classes.
  • Reading other witters.


Who am i that hinders what i want to accomplish! what do i do and am that doesn’t help what i want to accomplish?

  • I smoke weed or drink and i forget things.
  • I don’t write Daily so how am i supposed to be a writer?.
  • I hang out with people that don’t want to succeed and have no interest in what i want to do.
  • I waste my money on things i don’t need.
  • I dress in a way that nobody takes serious.
  • I use profanity when i talk.


-Make Sure To Always know Why what your noting down is necessary! 

Note: *Do not back track in time trying to find out why you are who you are now, its not necessary to find out how you became someone your not when your goal is already set. Its more important to strip down whats not you than to find out how you got there in the first place!

(Do Not  COPY Lets Simply find you!)

STEP 3. Make Changes! Now that You have Your lists make sure you strive to make changes. Strip down those negative things that hinder your true self and your goal.

Stay positive and know that the devils are alive to tare you apart when you want to change for the good. Keep it in mind. . . There will be many obstacles, but if you are really willing i am positive you can do it and know That God is MORE THAN ALIVE! HE IS ETERNAL. HE HAS MADE YOU AND IS MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP YOU EVERY TIME SOMETHING GETS TOO HARD!

🎀 Love you So much please comment i hope this helped you! ♥


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