When I Decided To Get Fit!


Why do we do it?

Are we really working out because we want to be healthy or are we working out because we want to look  good!? Or maybe even both. I believe that what ever your motivation may be…. It’s Great, you get healthy and start looking good so we get a little of the two. When we actually put the work and do it of course but What happens when your true motivation is because you simply don’t like yourself?

“One day i was scrolling on social media looking at all these beautiful bodies that look so great; after all the pictures engraved in my mind, i decided i was going to get fit this summer. So this whole summer I spend my time working out and doing everything i could to loose weight. Trust me i felt great and motivated i was loosing the weight, eating right and exercising but only to look real skinny and disappointed. I went from 148 to 122. I was so happy that it had worked and i was able to do it, but see i have always been a medium size girl. Now that i’m in my 20’s , i am curvy, 5’4, and my average weight is at 135 pounds! Society will tell you your probably over weight but 135 is what i liked to look and what i feel comfortable in. At the time before loosing my weight, I looked at myself in the mirror and i realized i looked a little chunky and over weight, my clothes started to feel a little tight and honestly i didn’t like how i looked. I got myself on that scale and wow i was way pass 10 pounds than my usual weigh at 135^.  Now I’m completely in denial thinking i’m gross and looking ugly and i say like that because i am a very insecure person. So i decided to get on that diet and thanks to my dedication it worked! Which was awesome….  but now everyone was saying to me that i looked too skinny! Well first I was getting chunky and now I was way too skinny! Thoughts Started planting in my head and raising. I told myself  i need it to gain some weight???! I felt really bad to be honest because either  way i was discourage about my body wondering if i will ever get some positive feed back.  I started thinking and said to myself “what the heck am i doing?”  I realized that comparing myself to others and social media girls was really stupid and i couldn’t really be happy with myself if i did things for the wrong reasons. I emotionally broke down because i saw that the curves that i did have were gone. I wanted to get fit to look like an image that wasn’t me!

              I personally did not understand my feelings at the time. I came to a place with myself that no matter what we do people will always find something wrong with you! No matter how hard we try, someone will always appear to judge us, put us down, and to tell us the contrary of what they where saying in the first place! There will always be someone who will say something negative about your hard work or simply about anything we do! Even truthful feedback that we take wrong with our personal issues. But seriously who are we to live to other’s peoples expectations! Why modify myself and change my look; for other peoples expectations.


It was after my emotional realization that i decided to get fit for myself and look at myself in the mirror to compare myself to myself. To be healthy, to look good for myself. I need it to Love myself for who i was before i tried to change the look of any of my body parts for the wrong reasons. Its not until i was honest with who i was (A Medium Size Girl) that i saw that there was no need to look like someone else. Now i realize that it is okay to be you and society can say one thing and make things appear super beautiful and unreachable but lets not forget that Photoshop and editing exist! We live cant live hatting who we are.

I really encourage everyone to look at yourself’s in the mirror and be realistic. Even if your broken down, realize that you will never look like somebody else and You can only look like A BETTER YOU!

   That alone is amazing and motivating to others. 

     * *  * * Let your motivation be because you love yourself not because you hate yourself!   

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