Best Friend Betrayal!



I was sitting on my fluffy big chair chatting on my Facebook. I was actually really happy in those times because i had finally become stable and was renting a room in a big house at a gated community on my own with no ones help. I was enjoying my day off so happily because the owner of the house was never there and he had said “My house is your house” so i had this big house to myself most of the time and on my days off. I enjoyed bringing the only 4 friends i talked to at the time, they were my closest and i loved them dearly, but one of them was a devil! It All started when i received a message from this guy, saying “When can i see you?” After looking at his profile i thought well he looks like a really decent guy. In my mind I’m like this guy is flirting with me Lol…  so i messaged back “What do you mean?”

He says “You Know”

I Say “Really :)” trying to be flirty and cute.

He says “. . . so whats up”

I Say  “i don’t know whats up with you”

He Says “You Know. Don’t Lie.”

                                     I Say “No I dont know lol” Thinking to myself his probably a little shy. Than he says…

               “How Much Do You Want?” 

So i knew at this point that something was off. I felt it in my gut and the only time someone says that like that very secretive is for other reasons. I mean i wasn’t selling anything the only thing i did was promotion modeling and photo shoots here and there nothing too serious. I gave it the definitive of a doubt and responded. . .

“For What? Can You give me some details?”

He Said “Dont Act Stupid you Know what”

I Said “No I dont Know what so tell me”

at this point i was a little aggravated because i knew what he was trying to say and it made me a little sick and disrespected. I just wanted to know what he was really trying to say, i wanted him to say it, and I wanted to find out  Where has this came from. Why would someone think they can just disrespect someone and say that. Not anybody will just ask you that in that way unless something was said about you that wasn’t supposed to be said. So he send me a picture with a lot of money and i simply stop replying.

That was the first occasion. I ignored it and didn’t really think much of it just that it was and idiot who thought id probably fall for it and take his money for whatever favors he need it. Days pass by and i receive a text from an unknown number that said “Where can i meet you? i have the $1500 for you” so i text back and said “i think you got the wrong number sorry” than . . .

He Text Back “Laura?”

And I text  “Yeah Who is this?”

He text”My Name Is Julio”

I Text “Ok and? “

At this point Again My Gut feeling was telling me “This is wrong DON’T FALL FOR IT” its so funny because at the time i was finally stable on my own but i was still struggling i didn’t have the money i was used to having  when i had this drug dealer boyfriend and i was changing into another person who wanted to do Right so it was so crazy how my gut was so over powering helping me to not fall into those kind of things.

He Text “When can i see you?”

The Same thing the other Guy had said. So i go back to Facebook and see that his name is not Julio its another name. So this is two Guys already with the same thing…. so i thought to myself something wrong is going on that shouldn’t be happening but i still didn’t put so much thought into it because i was literally going to brake my head thinking about!

“i said please dont text me again”

he text  “im not an ugly guy”

i text him ” Did i give you my number number Noooo so don’t text me again or i’m going to call the police”

I didn’t bother to question i didn’t feel good about it. He never replied. I was honestly worried not going to lie and was a little depress about it, it didn’t make me feel good to know that men so liberally see me in that way; two in such a short time. So i thought to myself “Maybe there was something wrong with me and i shouldn’t be so friendly or take pictures a certain way” I literally felt bad about myself. Another day a friend i went to school with messaged me to hang out and catch up. We went to his house and he showed me his condo and of course being me the kind of friend i am, well if they invite me somewhere my friend has to come along too hehee! All 3 of us hung out, We cached up it was fun…  Few days later i found out the friend i brought along to hang out with my child hood friend had hung out with him on her own after they met. So i was like

“ooh cool”

i like when my friends like each other and feel like they can connect too.  A few days after that i went to go get a Startbucks with my child hood friend, he than said

“im going to my condo to pick up some things”

and he asked me if i wanted to get off that it was going to take him a bit. So when we were in there he starts talking about his life and how much he earns and all this stuff that he has in savings this and that about in his new business. Blaah blah vlaaaah…. So i was like okaaaaaaaaay* in my head just thinking its just a guy trying to brag, so i just listen, and he said

“why don’t we start seeing each other? we are older now, we can just see were this goes, i can help you accomplish your dreams you know…. and if it doesn’t work out its ok at least we will know it didnt work and you will have something to take i wont leave with nothing like your ex!”

he said it with concern like if it was a solution to my problems or like if i was struggling and dying or something.

I was like Awwwcckaaard wasnt expecting my child hood friend to be so frank. So i say…

“No i don’t see you that way so please just stop lets just go”

we got a Starbucks and kept having small talk and on one of those he asked me

“do you want to stay the night with me?”

I was like “no”

and laughed because i was thinking my poor friend is trying too hard and that also came out of the blue. I was thinking maybe its my new Woman body Lol.

“Ok than how much do you want?”

the same kind of Phrases. So i said

“what do you mean? why are you saying that”

he said “Look Laura your friend is not your friend she told me what you do already”

my jaw dropped and i felt really reeeaaally anxious and frustrated and mad, he kept talking and said,

“when she came over and i told her i wanted to help you build something (asen a previous conversation we had about me wanting to put up a business) she said that you have a lot of money and always pay for her stuff and that you talk to a lot of guys and dont date them, that they help you because you obviously help them”

i was so pist and heartbroken at this point i said

” wooow if i had a lot of money my windshield would be fixed right now?”

he said “your friend told me you have sex and hang out with people for money”

i was like “that’s messed up i dont F**king do that”

He looked sad for me and said “thats messed up why would she try to burn you like that, i thought you guys hang out all the time?”

all disappointed i called one of the friends she had introduce me to, i told him what was happening and told him,

“i just want to know what did she say about me before we got introduced”

since she wanted me to meet him so baaaaad and of course just expressed himself and said

“that you were down for whatever”

i had no words to say anything or express how i felt at the time, i felt Ashamed, stupid, cheated, used,  i didn’t even tell her anything i just text her and asked her why would she say  all that, simple and non catty.


Uuuugh and  that’s how i found out my friend was an envious conniving person even though person is not the word i wanted to use right now… but i guess i do have a little sadness over it maybe and reliving the emotion as im writing made me a little sad. So with all that said my childhood friend advice me to completely cut her off and to realize that most of the people in my life were not good for me. I listened to his words of wisdom and never saw him again. I text her and told her that how could she and stuff but she denied it she even denied what she told her own friend. I still kept talking to her not because i believed her but because i knew that she was going to be like a little puppy with me but mostly i cared about her because we both had conversations about God she was so conflicted and she will always look for me even though i would confront her about other things that she did with some friends i introduced her too. The friends i introduced her never talked to me again. Why? i don’t know’ they never said but that’s what they have in common hanging out with “Her” after me introducing them. At the time i had entered a time of forgiveness and was forgiving. So i felt like there was a test. A testing of my faith. I came to a face where i had to forgive and treat everyone the same no matter what they do to me because i knew that i should never change regardless of what happens. I knew that who i was becoming at that point was more important than taking a step backwards so i forgave her.  It is crazy how there are so many devils inside people because till this day i don’t want to believe that she meant all that on her own.

It really hurt me to know that the friend i hold dearly was the one who really hated me and had no intentions to see me prosper! 





4 thoughts on “Best Friend Betrayal!

  1. Laura! I’m so sorry you’ve had to put up w all the B.S in your life. Pls, PLS, let go of the negative ppl. A snake will always be a snake. Each time it sheds it skin, the ugliness inside will grow, no matter how pretty it may seem, Dnt trust it.

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  2. Hey Laura, just wanted to say I liked how you writ your post and how engaging it was. I’m sad for you because of what happened back then but so happy your gut was telling you something and you trusted it where as others may not have. Surprised that you forgave people like that as I don’t think I could have but each to their own as they say. I hope the friends you have now in your life treat you much better and bring you nothing but happiness and stability 🙂 Emz x

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