My Daily Planning!

I spend more and more time trying to maximize my time. & now that I am a mom, I really had to learn how to extend and make the best of my day, without letting go of myself, leaving my dreams or more important neglecting my Baby! My Daily Planning came about a simple realization, that I AM A MOM NOW not just a mom but really trying to be A GOOD MOM! & because of that I came to realize that when you are a mom specially trying to be a good mom TIME DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU!

All your heart, thoughts, actions, and energy are being consumed by this little defenseless life that has been entrusted to you and this living life is now in your hands. Your time is simply not just yours anymore and as a mom we can all agree that it is a fact. Me speaking as a single mom life will get crazy if its not organized!

So with that little inside of my life I will share my mini daily practices that you can also apply to your life! & if you want to read my *2020 Daily planning realization story click on this LINK!!!

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