Best Friend Betrayal!

    I was sitting on my fluffy big chair chatting on my Facebook. I was actually really happy in those times because i had finally become stable and was renting a room in a big house at a gated community on my own with no ones help. I was enjoying my day off soContinue reading “Best Friend Betrayal!”

Im torn, Im done, Cant keep Pretending!!!

  Today August 14 2017 i am in a dark room with my computer typing right this second. 11:41pm. I am torn Between doing the right thing or keep on pursuing what i love that absolutely its obviously no good for me! I decided to make this Word Press thinking and saying that i was going to be greatContinue reading “Im torn, Im done, Cant keep Pretending!!!”

When I Decided To Get Fit!

  Why do we do it? Are we really working out because we want to be healthy or are we working out because we want to look  good!? Or maybe even both. I believe that what ever your motivation may be…. It’s Great, you get healthy and start looking good so we get a littleContinue reading “When I Decided To Get Fit!”